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Hollandcodes.com would like to thank our customers for their support! We have special gifts for our VIP's (Very Important Persons) who has made a purchase from Hollandcodes.com -

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Special thanks to our Strongs, MBTI, My Career Profile, or Hollandcodes.com order over $50 customers. Complete the form below and you will receive a FREE access to Destiny Decision Making web course!

The Destiny Decision Making comes with Low Cost or FREE tests to help you tap into your hidden potential. You receive inspiration and motivation to explore your interests. You have access to tools to identify potential careers and training options.

Discover who you really are and understand your likes, dislikes, and interests.

Match your likes, interests to careers.

Find training programs that are matches to the careers that you are interested.

Succeed in planning a career.

This course will motivate you as you explore careers and training options

Destiny Decision Making can be is used in conjunction with any Holland Codes career tests!

This Destiny Decision Making Course will enable you explore careers and college majors.

Awareness, Assessment, and Knowledge Guide outlines the process of selecting a career assessment. The selection process includes –

  • Introduction to Career Planning
  • Steps to Self Awareness
  • Tools To Assess Self Awareness
  • Selection of a FREE Test or Career Assessment
  • Career Test Checklist 
  • Features of Career Self Assessments Tests

Career exploration tools provide the following information –

  • Overview
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Outlook
  • Earning
  • Interest Profile
  • Working Conditions
  • Contact Info
  • Areas of Study

College exploration resources lists the following facts –

  • Location of School
  • Majors Areas of Study
  • Name of School
  • Size and Cost
  • Region in the USA
  • Type of School

***VIPS - Hollandcodes.com orders from $1 to $49

Special thanks to our customers who have placed orders from $10 to $49. Complete the form below and you will receive a Free Membership to the Career and Social Media Resource Center!

Member Benefits

Members get access to -

1. Blog
2. Expanded Free Download Library

  • Free Career Assessments, e.g. Know Your Holland Code
  • Free Career Guides
  • Free Presentations
  • Resume Writing Resources
  • Interviewing Tips

3. Low Cost Downloads
4. Forum
5. Member Web Pages
6. Store (Product Discounts)
7. Social Media Resources -

  • Resource One: Blogs - Blogger and Wordpress
  • Resource Two: Facebook
  • Resource Three: Linkedin
  • Resource Four: Pinterest
  • Resource Five: Twitter
  • Resource Six: Evernote - note taking and archiving software
  • Resource Seven: Delicious
  • Resource Eight: Issuu - digital publishing platform
  • Resource Nine: Prezi - cloud-based presentation software
  • Resource Ten: Scribd - web and mobile device online library
  • Resource Eleven: Slideshare - document, PDF, video and webinar
  • Resource Twelve: Infographics - highly visual presentation tool
  • Resource Thirteen: Wordle - word cloud generator software
  • Resource Fourteen: Powerpoint
  • Resource Fifteen: Lino
  • Resource Sixteen: Powtoon

8. Videos

10 Top Tips

Test Drive Your Career

9.Digital Course for adults and kids

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