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Welcome to your Career and Social Media Resource Center!

Why did we create the Career and Social Media Resource Center?

Career and Social Media Resource Center believes that everyone has a destiny and purpose.  In order to reach your goals and dreams, you need tools, resources, and mentors.  Since 1998, we have been dedicated to helping people reach their potentials.

Who is the Career and Social Media Resource Center for?

Counselors, teachers, parents, students, adults, teens, and children who are seeking to gain awareness of who they are and what they are designed to do.

What are the Goals of the Career and Social Media Resource Center?

Our goals are to help people  -

  • Discover that career awareness is the first fundamental step in unlocking one’s potential 
  • Identify the right career tool in recognizing personal interests, abilities, and skills
  • Use decision making tools to search for the right potential career 
  • Build the connection between interests, careers, and college majors
  • Achieve your career goals
  • Understand and complete the career planning process

Our Career and Social Media Resource Center provides information about career, college major, job search, and social media resources. Members get access to -

We will also share information about social media tools. Examples of social media resources include -

    • Resource One: Blogs - Blogger and Wordpress
    • Resource Two: Facebook
    • Resource Three: Linkedin
    • Resource Four: Pinterest
    • Resource Five: Slideshare
    • Resource Six: Instagram
    • Resource Seven: Youtube 

We hope that you will join, connect, engage, and network to motivate and inspire each other...

Have a great day,

Dr. Mary Askew, hollandcodes.com

Please note:

Career Social Media membership is free with the purchase of any career tests from the Hollandcodes.com or Explore Careers and College Majors web sites.  

Already have a career test and wanting to join and see more.  Membership is only $5.  Click the link!  When we receive your paypal notification email, we will approve your membership and send you the membership instructions. 


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