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Electronic Career Posters for Kids

Career awareness is an essential step for children to build a foundation for future career decision making.

The Holland Codes for Kids Career Program uses self-by-step activities, career games for Kids, and kids activities for career choices to highlight Holland Codes. On each web page, you choose the careers that you like or are interested in.

At the end of the electronic career poster exercise, you will receive a summary of your results. The Summary Sheet identifies your Holland Codes.

The Holland Codes for Kids Career Program comes with a Career ModelHolland Code Descriptions, and Color Key. The Holland Codes for Kids Career Program is an excellent tool to introduce you to career exploration, Holland Codes, and Careers. The graphics hold your attention as you identify your career interests.

The Electronic Career Posters feature graphics and Holland Codes. The Posters are Self-Scoring. You sort the posters quickly according to likes and dislikes. At the end of the poster sorting exercise, you will have your Holland Code. The posters are an excellent way to explore careers. The poster shows you’re the relationship between Holland Codes and careers.

Electronic Career Posters comes with -

  • RIASEC Version
  • Poster Card Instruction Sheets
  • Color Chart

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