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Media Generation

The Media Generation Infographic provides facts about the need for the convergence of media technology and career development.

There is the need for the development of career development resources that utilize new media technology capturing the hearts of this generation.  Edutopia (2005) and the Kaiser Foundation (1999) called these students the iKids, Twenty-First-Century Students, digital learners, or Media Generation.  According Kaiser Foundation Kids & Media @the New Millennium Report (1999), “Young people (ages 8-18) have received mainline electronic media in the world for more than six hours a day, on average via the filter of computing devices: the cellular phones, handheld gaming devices, PDAs, and laptops they have taken everywhere, plus the computers, TVs, and game consoles at home.  

As a result, there must be a convergence and synchronization of career development principles with today’s electronic media.  Career development professionals must design and sequence engaging career awareness and career exploration education projects. These projects will use mobile career tools that foster any place, any time learning.  The goal of these resources is to motivate students to fulfill the 21st Century Skills mission –

  • To be a productive contributor in society in our 21st century
  • To be able to quickly learn the core content of a field of knowledge while also mastering a broad portfolio of essential learning, innovation, technology, and career skills needed for work and life (21st Century Skills. Learning for Life in Our Times, 2009)


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