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Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is a professional career interest inventory that is –

  • Well researched and extensively validated
  • Used by career coaches and college counselors worldwide

The Strong Interest Inventory is an on-line Holland Code assessment that helps you identify -

  • Interests
  • Holland Codes
  • Careers

Strong Interest Inventory Overview

The results include –

  • Scores on the level of interest on each of the six Holland Codes or General Occupational Themes. Holland Code Themes include – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.
  • Scores on 25 Basic Interest Scales (e.g. art, science, and public speaking)
  • Scores on 211 Occupational Scales which indicate the similarity between the respondent's interests and those of people working in each of the 211 occupations
  • Scores on 4 Personal Style Scales (learning, working, leadership, and risk-taking)
  • Scores on 3 Administrative Scales used to identify test errors or unusual profiles

Use the Strong Interest Inventory to –

  • Explore and identify careers related to your interests
  • Choose education and training options that match your interests and Holland Codes
  • Understand how your personality is related to your interests
  • Determine your preferred learning environment
  • Understand your leadership, risk-taking, and teamwork preferences
  • Improve career direction
  • Focus on the future
  • Find the dream job
  • Achieve satisfaction in your work

The Strong Interest Inventory has six (6) sections –

  • General Themes
  • Basic Interest Scales
  • Occupational Scales
  • Personal Style Scales
  • Profile Summary
  • Response Summary

General Themes – Description of the interrelationship between Holland Codes and following factors -

  • Interests
  • Work activities
  • Potential skills
  • Personal values

Basic Interest Scales – Identification of your Highest Holland Code Themes, Holland Theme Code, Standard Score, and Interest Levels

  • Basic Interest Scales point to work activities, projects, course work, and leisure activities that are personally motivating and rewarding.
  • The Interest Scale Levels are Very Little, Little, Moderate, high, and Very High.
  • Your Basic Interest Scales Report will give you your TOP FIVE Interest Areas and the Areas of Least Interest.

Occupational Scales – Comparison of your likes and dislikes with those people who are satisfied working in various occupations.

  • The Occupational Scales matches your interests to 122 occupations. Your score matched the likes and dislikes of people who are working in and are satisfied that career. The occupations are an example of a larger job cluster.
  • The TOP TEN Occupations are the careers that most closely match your interests. Within each Holland Code Theme, you will find careers that you are Dissimilar, Midrange, or Similar to your score, likes, and dislikes.

Personal Style Scales – Description of relationship between Holland Code Themes, work styles, learning, risk taking, and team work. Examples of Personal Style Scales include –

  • Working with People
  • Enjoying helping others
  • Preferring practical learning environments
  • Preferring short-term training
  • Taking charge of others
  • Taking risks
  • Making quick decisions
  • Working on teams

Profile Summary – Overview of Your Highest Themes, Theme code, Top Five Interest Areas, Areas of Least Interest, Top Ten Strong Occupations, Occupations of Dissimilar Interest, and Personal Style Scales Preferences

Response Summary – Summary of the Occupations, Subject Areas, Activities, Leisure Activities, People, and Characteristics Sections. You receive information about the number of responses in each section that were Strongly Like, Like, Indifferent, Dislike, or Strong Dislike.

The different versions of the Strong Interest Inventory are -

  • Standard version - Adults
  • High School Version
  • College Version

Interpretive Report

The Interpretive Report has the following additional information –

  • General Occupational ThemesGeneral Interests or Holland Codes
  • Basic Interest Scales – Specific activities you might like to do at work and in your leisure time
  • Occupational Scales – Occupational suggested by interests
  • Personal Style Scales – Your preferred styles of working and learning
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